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God’s Miracle Medicine: Baptism!

Once a physician tells his patient: “You have HIV/AIDS,” or “You have diabetes”—both deadly diseases—the patient almost invariably asks: “Doctor, is there any hope? What can I do?” The physician then usually notes that, while neither HIV/AIDS nor diabetes is curable, both are controllable.


A very similar routine will occur in your heart and mind when, through the Scriptures, you hear your divine Physician give you the bad news: Working deep within you is a deadly power of Sin (Mark 7:21–22). Then, the divine Physician adds His good news: Although the power of Sin is not curable in this life, it is controllable!
When a doctor gives you medication for HIV/AIDS or diabetes, the label on the medicine bottle will tell you how to take/receive the medication. This initial information on the label is followed by an explanation of what the medication does and how the medicine controls HIV/AIDS or diabetes.

In much the same way, after learning you have spiritual HIV/AIDS, look at God’s “medicine bottle label” on the opposite page. The green arrow gives you the first part of God’s Good News for you. In Romans 6, the Holy Spirit tells you how God administers His powerful and miraculous “medicine” to control the power of Sin. The Holy Spirit states this most specifically in verse 5, where He speaks about His miracle of Baptism. God’s treatment to control your incurable disease of Sin begins when God “unites” you through your Baptism to Jesus Christ. Through this miracle you are united to Christ’s Sin-atoning death and His life-giving resurrection.


Now comes the second part of God’s label in Romans 6: How God’s divine Medicine works. From verse 6 through the end of the chap­ter, verse 23, the Holy Spirit also shows you that God’s miracle medicine of Baptism prevents the disease of Sin from overpowering you, enslaving you, and spiritually destroying you! Always see Romans 6 as the label on God’s “medicine bottle,” a medicine that guarantees you victory, not only in your struggle against the slavery of Sin, but the ultimate victory of life eternal!


There is even more good news. Look at the wheel chart below. It shows you that Baptism unlocks the meaning of other letters written by the Holy Spirit through St. Paul and St. Peter. Without God’s “key” of His miracle of Baptism to unlock them, these epistles become legalism, a life under the Law. However, with this key, you will possess the Spirit’s Gospel-understanding.
Dear Holy Spirit, work faith in my heart to believe that through God’s miracle of Baptism I am daily protected from the evil power of Sin, a power that seeks to destroy my faith. In Jesus’ name. Amen.… 

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