If you find days in your life to be challenging
or stressful, God has Good News of hope and strength for you.

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BACK IN PRINT!! Issue 9 Faith and Issue 11 Law & Gospel. Order yours NOW!

The magazine, GOOD NEWS, is your directory to God's Scripture and His Good News for you. To begin using the GOOD NEWS magazine guide to God's Scriptures, click on a link below.

Issue 39, Definitions, Part 1

Issue 40, God's Healing Medicine FOR YOU

Issue 41: "Your Good Shepherd," an explanation of Psalm 23.

Issue 42: "Baptize and Teach: Curriculum #1." This is the first in a series that will give an overview of Scripture.

Issue 43: "Baptism/Ark Connection: Curriculum #2"

Issue 44: "Job: Hope for When All Seems Hopeless for You: Curriculum #3"

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Updated 2017/05/12